• Human Resources/ Social Media Recruiter

    M-Ploy Temporaries, Inc.
    Job Description
    • Looking for a candidate with a wide range of knowledge and experience.
    • Looking for advanced experience in social media networking, job board posting, name branding, marketing, and advertising. Though much of this can be taught the way we would like it to be done a good base knowledge is required.
    • Someone with good judgement skills and the ability to fairly evaluate all candidates and place them in the correct position. Responsibilities include but are not limited to : Job Placement in Labor, Technical, Clerical, Professional, and Medical Office.
    • You will be responsible for interviewing, evaluating, skill testing, background checks, reference checks, drug testing, data-entry, filing, and filling the needs of any customers.
    • A kind and pleasant demeanor is important when working with customers.
    • The ability to use a multi line phone system is required as well from answering calls, transferring calls, putting calls on hold, or transferring them to voicemail for employees out of the office.


    Contact Information