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    The Chamber works collectively to build business and connect community, provide educational programs,

    promote our members and empower leaders of tomorrow.


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    Leading our community to prosperity.

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    From the Director’s Desk

    Fall is almost here, which means it’s my birthday month! There may be a celebration, but I won’t be slowing down. We are extremely busy at the Chamber office, working on final preparations for a variety of events and programs for the final quarter of 2022, and then 2023! Time seems to be passing by so quickly! I remember growing up hearing that once you turn 50, time passes by even quicker than you can explain, and I definitely feel like that’s happening. Life is short. Take that time for yourself. Make time for the ones you love. Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. (One of my many quotes in my office). Tell those you love how much you love them. Eat dessert first if you want to, on occasion. Travel. Make Memories. Apologize and forgive, then move on. If you appreciate someone, tell them. This is where I am going with part of this. 

    First and foremost, I want to thank Karen and Meagan for all that they do at this office. We complement one another well and are doing amazing things here. I have seen many changes over my 14 years in the Chamber industry. Last month I celebrated nine years at this office. I am forever thankful for my first Chamber years in Titusville. Change is part of life. I try to continue learning and surrounding myself with great people. I have met some of my very best friends through this career, and I’m forever grateful for that opportunity. I am one of few people who can truly say that I love my job and hope to retire here. Thank you to ALL our volunteers, our Chamber Ambassadors and especially you, our members. Thank you for continuing to support what we do and allowing us to support and promote you. 

    We are blessed with a wonderful community. Sometimes it is taken for granted. Stop. Look around. Walk around our local communities. There is so much to offer. So much to do. I am proud to be one of many people that are lucky enough to be promoting this to others. Our 13th year of Leadership Meadville began last month with the largest class to date, with class participants of all ages and business sectors, all eager to learn about leadership and our community. Our Fall Golf Outing was full, as always, with people coming together for a fun day of fellowship, comradery, fun and great golf too! Next, we are getting ready for our Wine, Brew & Spirits Walk, where our downtown will be featured for close to 1000 people to see how it is thriving! Our restaurants will have one of their busiest days of the year. Our merchants will be busy. Town will be bustling. In October we will hold our Women in Business Expo, where businesswomen will gather from across the region to support one another. Then, early November brings our largest fundraiser of the year, with our Member Services Auction. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 2nd at the Movies at Meadville! You don’t want to miss this! There is something for every business. For every budget. For anyone. From trips, catered meals for your staff or potential clients, all forms of advertising packages like radio, television, print and billboard to golf and spa packages, and employee appreciation gifts. We all know that if we currently have great employees, we need to do all that we can to thank them and appreciate them! 

    Please contact the Chamber office to schedule a meeting with me at any time. We are busy, but never too busy for our members. We are always striving to further develop the Chamber, while also learning more about our current members. There are plenty of opportunities at our many events or programs to meet other members and make those connections, but please be sure to also be doing this with the Chamber staff as well. We are here for you. For our community. 

    I hope to see you very soon. 








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  • "Today’s Chamber is a vital networking source to help develop my business.  I can’t imagine being a business owner in Meadville without being an active member of the local Chamber.  "

    -Dan Crandall, owner of Fine Print Commercial Printers


  • The Meadville-Western Crawford County Chamber of Commerce is the third oldest chamber in the nation and has supported the businesses and communities of Western Crawford County and beyond for over 200 years! We offer several programs, events, and services to help your business and assist in the renaissance of this great region.

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