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  •    Coronavirus Updates-Meadville & Regional Businesses


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      This post is for news regarding Meadville & Regional business. Below you will find business changes and closings in order by the business name. This list is for ALL Meadville & Regional businesses. If you would like to add your information, please click on the like below to complete this form:



    From the Director’s Desk

    Another month has passed in this crazy time we are living. I am praying that this month we can move forward to getting to a “new normal”. I know many of us are looking forward to seeing our family, our friends, getting into a regular schedule at work or getting back to work at all.  I know that life has been vastly different for us all, but I truly hope that we all have taken the time to appreciate the little things in life and maybe not take so many things for granted moving forward. So many of us have enjoyed more family dinners or time with some we did not usually have. I think of simple handshakes upon meeting people, a hug with those we love, the freedom to see the people we want to when we want to, the routine of going to work daily, those happy hours after work when time, a simple lunch meeting, watching sporting events, seeing children waiting for the bus, cheering on our youth at local sporting events, seeing friends at the gym, stopping by the local pub to see friends and so much more. We will get through this. One day at a time. We will need to support one another. We will need to shop local, now more than ever! We will need to continue to check on one another. There have been some amazing things happening in local communities that I know will continue.

    We have been remarkably busy at your Chamber working hard to bring you the most current information to help your businesses and to promote your businesses. Please be sure to get us any updates that you may have. We have rescheduled the spring events for later in the fall and have a busy schedule for you. We know that you will want to catch up with your fellow business associates and friends in upcoming months, so we have many options for you to do so. We are planning educational seminars for you, some virtual and some will be in person when we are able to do so. Please be sure to check your email and the calendar in this newsletter for more details.

    We will be doing a virtual Diamond Awards this year to highlight our nominees and winners. Be sure to watch next month’s newsletter for more details. We know this will be different than our usual event, but we feel that we need to recognize our many deserving individuals, businesses and non-profits that were nominated and go above & beyond in our community! These people will be recognized in our virtual ceremony, as well as at our 2021 ceremony when they introduce next year’s winners.

    As we are getting closer to summer and to getting back to some normalcy, let us all remember that some people are still stressed and scared. Be patient with others. We don’t know everyone’s story, who has had to close their business for months, who has been off work, who has received unemployment or not, who has had family pass away & not been able to have a proper grieving process or funeral during these crazy times, who hasn’t seen or hugged their family in months or whatever the case may be. We all have something we are currently dealing with. We are going to get thought this. Our economy will rebuild. One day and month at a time. Please take time for one another and take time for you too.

    We are here for you, more now than ever. We look forward to seeing you in person, and virtually. We ask that you please submit any payment that you owe to the Chamber, when you are able, but we understand that some of you are under hardships right now. If so, please contact me so that we can discuss and work something out that makes the most sense for all of us.

    For those of you that are mother’s, I wish you a blessed Mother’s Day and pray that you can spend time with your children. For those of you that are blessed to have your mothers, I beg you - tell her how very much she means to you! At the end of this month, as many of us will be decorating memorials at the cemeteries, and as we all observe this Memorial Day, I hope that you reflect upon the reason for this holiday and enjoy a safe and happy Memorial Day with family and friends.  I hope to see you soon. Until then, stay safe and stay healthy.






  • "Today’s Chamber is a vital networking source to help develop my business.  I can’t imagine being a business owner in Meadville without being an active member of the local Chamber.  "

    -Dan Crandall, owner of Fine Print Commercial Printers


  • The Meadville-Western Crawford County Chamber of Commerce is the third oldest chamber in the nation and has supported the businesses and communities of Western Crawford County and beyond for over 200 years! We offer several programs, events, and services to help your business and assist in the renaissance of this great region.

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