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  •    Coronavirus Updates-Meadville & Regional Businesses


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      This post is for news regarding Meadville & Regional business. Below you will find business changes and closings in order by the business name. This list is for ALL Meadville & Regional businesses. If you would like to add your information, please click on the like below to complete this form:



    From the Director’s Desk


    Spring is here and it is one like none of us have ever known. It is one of uncertainty, challenges, and the unknown. It is also one of communities coming together, of faith, of hope and of people returning to having more family dinners together, families cherishing quality time at home. My heart hurts for many business owners & employees in our communities during these trying times, but we will all get through this. We must. One day at a time.

    Your Chamber staff is here for you, our members & our community. We are currently gathering as much information to keep current on things. I am working with my fellow Chamber colleagues regionally and from across the state.  We are rescheduling our events & programs for later dates. They will go on at later dates. Be sure to check our website & social media pages for updates, and please update your own information on a regular basis.

    As I sit in my office thinking of things that I want to get accomplished in these next weeks, for the Chamber staff and myself, I find myself making a bigger list than I expected. Think of all the times you have thought of things you only wish you had time to do but are too busy to do. Think of all the educational seminars you attended, then didn’t have the time to apply the steps & processes when you returned to your office. Make a list. Prioritize it. Make use of this time. I plan to do the same and make our Chamber better with this use of time. Here are some examples of things to do at your workplace or delegate to your staff:

    • Write. A lot. On social media. Your website. Blog. Keep a journal. Wherever you can.
    • Learn. Educate yourself. Anything you can imagine is available online
    • Create or update any emergency and/or succession plans
    • Review your personnel handbook and Human Resources handbook
    • Review your financials more thoroughly


    I also made a list like this of personal things to do. These are things we can all do now. I will share this as well, as you all know 2020 has been the worst year of my life, losing my husband on January 10th. I now am trying to find a new “normal” while trying to handle this as well. I will be prepared, for my children. Again, one day at a time is all we can do. I am sure there are many more, but here are a few things I am doing:

    • Your wishes when you pass away. Burial, cremation etc. Example: My husband and I discussed everything. He wanted an Irish wake/celebration of his life. I threw a big party and we celebrated him!! Please know these things. It will make your loved one’s decisions much easier.
    • Will:  Make or update. If previously married, ensure forms are current.
    • Own a Business? Meet with attorneys to ensure things are properly taken care of to carry on your legacy. Know your state’s inheritance rules.
    • Labeled folders:  Important documents where at least 2 people know where they are.

    * ALL passwords to bank accounts, computers, phone, credit cards

    * Safe combinations

    * IRA/401K information, Stocks, bonds and any investments

    * Bills:  online payments, passwords to accounts

    • Life insurance policies. When you think you need to update it, DO IT. Don’t put it off. Get twice as much as you think you need. You will wish you had, for your family.   


    Please know that everyone is stressed. Everyone is wondering what tomorrow may hold. We are all dealing with it in different ways. Many people have no choice but to be working and working harder than they ever have. Special thanks to our medical providers, pharmacists, paramedics, truck drivers, grocers, funeral home directors, nursing home staff and so many more.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you all and our nation. I hope to see you soon, but until then, stay safe and healthy.




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  • "Today’s Chamber is a vital networking source to help develop my business.  I can’t imagine being a business owner in Meadville without being an active member of the local Chamber.  "

    -Dan Crandall, owner of Fine Print Commercial Printers


  • The Meadville-Western Crawford County Chamber of Commerce is the third oldest chamber in the nation and has supported the businesses and communities of Western Crawford County and beyond for over 200 years! We offer several programs, events, and services to help your business and assist in the renaissance of this great region.

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