• Vision Source Meadville LLC



    About Us

    Here at Vision Source Meadville, we are all about purpose.
    We believe that we were created to love and serve our fellow man.
    We believe business is about more than making a profit, it’s about using that profit to help meet the needs of those around us.
    We believe that all lives matter, and that our lives serve a greater purpose than just our own.
    We believe that by working together, we can make a difference in this hurting world.

    Dr. Christopher L. Adsit has taken his practice of 22 years and transformed it into more than just a business. He, along with all our staff, are determined to use the time and skills we have to care for those around us. Now, a percentage of all profits made at Vision Source Meadville will be given directly to global and community outreach projects. We no longer just specialize in eye exams or selling glasses. We specialize in doing all we can to give back to our community and those in need. So when you give your business to Vision Source Meadville, expect more than just quality eyecare. Expect to partner with purpose.